Yohan Lee
Professor, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  1. Associate professor at Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  2. President, Korea REDD+ Association, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  3. Chair, Committee of Planning and Finance, Korean Association of Forest Science
  4. Editorial Board Member for Journal of People, Plants, and Environment (SCOPUS), 2019-current
  5. Editorial Board Member for Forest Science and Technology (SCOPUS), 2022-current
  6. Editorial Board Member for Korean Journal of Forest Economics (KSCI), 2016-current
  7. Evaluation Committee for Korean Forest Carbon-offset Program, 2014 - current
Dr. Yohan Lee is an associate professor at the department of agriculture, forestry and bioresources, college of agricultural and life science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Dr. Yohan Lee has established the Korea REDD+ Association, which was approved by Korea Forest Service, and is currently the chairperson of Korea REDD+ Association ( Dr. Yohan Lee has been conducting research in various fields such as forest economic modeling, international forest cooperation, REDD+, inter-Korean forest cooperation. Dr. Lee actively participated in research works with concentration on developing an ESG model in the field of forestry for private companies and enhancing the capability of implementing REDD+ projects. These days, he extends his research area by taking the role of forestry as a source of carbon offset, in the transition toward the society of carbon neutrality, into account.